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Renewable Logistics is a company within the Quality Freight Group, we specialize in renewable and power generation projects with a dedicated team of experts with significant experience in managing all Energy Sector related cargo from Turnkey projects to urgent spare parts required to keep plants online.
Our focus is on providing workable, cost effective and efficient solutions from First mile to last mile for sectors that include renewable energy; power generation; thermal; LNG.

Your reputation is important to us

We focus on ensuring that you exceed your customers expectations in a way that continues to enhance your reputation and brand.

We’ve done it before

Our specialist team have moved everything from JIT spare parts to ensure limited downtime to full turn key large scale projects that involve charter vessels, heavy lift handling and OOG transport

We pay attention to the details

Its starts with a Service Level Agreement, includes detailed operating procedures and is measured against agreed to Key performance Indicators so that all parties know what is expected of them.

One step ahead

Our history shows that we don’t only adapt to market changes, but we try and anticipate them so that you benefit from our ideas

About the Quality Freight Group

Quality Freight Group was founded in Ireland in 1990. The business has evolved to becoming an operator in its own right as Geest Ireland, operating its own feeder vessels and its own state of the art port facility at Ellesmere Port on Merseyside, UK. As one of Europe leading shipping and Global Freight Forwarders, The Quality Freight Group provides a comprehensive portfolio of Global services by land, sea and air.

  • Established in 1990
  • Over 30 years supporting customers in Ireland
  • Freight Offices in Dublin, Cork, Knock, Belfast and Rotterdam
    Quality Port Logistics BV - Rotterdam consolidation and cargo handling facility
  • 2000 - Quality Freight UK operate a private port facility with significant project volumes accessing the West Coast of the UK
  • 2010 - BLS (www.bls-bulk.com) : Founding and current strategic partners in a Dry Bulk specialist cargo handling and logistics business.
  • 2013 - QFNL formed to provide our customers with European transport expertise and solutions.
  • FTEs dedicated to Project delivery (Project Managers, Planners, Controllers, etc) and various project specific sub-contractors
  • 100 plus years of project management experience
  • Cross Trade and Project cargo managed for Africa Region

Please contact us at

Email: sales@renewable-logistics.com

Tel:+353 1 83 66 233

Battery Energy Storage Systems at Poolbeg Power Station Dublin 
Battery Energy Storage Systems at Poolbeg Power Station Dublin 
Wind Turbines discharged at Ellesmere Port
Transformer discharge Dublin 
About us
Wind Turbine installation in Waterford
Solar Panel Storage at Rotterdam
Solar Panel Storage at Rotterdam
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